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Only ~3800 genes but 20,160 probes on Atlas Human 3.8 I Microarray? Earl F. Glynn 29/Nov/2005
Re: GAL files from microarrays images   Patrick McConnell 30/Nov/2005
RE: About Microarray   Patrick McConnell 30/Nov/2005
Re: SNP Data Identification   Patrick McConnell 30/Nov/2005
FAQ is wrong about "the microarray paper": No publication describes actual microarray data to be analyzed   Earl F. Glynn 06/Dec/2005
ArrayVision RLS was used to analze Gene Expression Data   Earl F. Glynn 16/Dec/2005

I've updated this page to include some additional comments from Suzanne Vernon, Centers for Disease Control and Preventions, about the Gene Expression data:

sdv, 12/16/2005:

"We did use ArrayVisionRLS that has some added features designed specifically for quantifying resonance light scattering (RLS) versus the dual intensity emphasis on the ArrayVision version"

"As for the strange file, we have it too and unfortunately we are not sure how it got there. It was obviously overlooked when we submitted the final data to CAMDA - and we are very sorry about that. You should ignore or delete this file and you can note that on your website too."

In addition, the URL above has definitions of the fields in the .txt files, which were created using ArrayVision RLS software.

Please let me know about any corrections or additions you might have in just understanding how to work with the data.

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Proteomic Data: Howto get patient identifiers? Meaning of Spectrum names is not clear.   Peter Bewerunge 28/Dec/2005
New relevant paper: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - A clinically empirical approach to its definition and study   Earl F. Glynn 09/Jan/2006
Paper that seems to explain SNP Excel worksheets, COMT, CRHR1, ... TH, TPH2   Earl F. Glynn 18/Jan/2006
No notification when SNP download file was changed on 11/7/2005?   Earl F. Glynn 18/Jan/2006

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