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Only ~3800 genes but 20,160 probes on Atlas Human 3.8 I Microarray? Earl F. Glynn 29/Nov/2005
Re: GAL files from microarrays images   Patrick McConnell 30/Nov/2005
RE: About Microarray   Patrick McConnell 30/Nov/2005
Re: SNP Data Identification   Patrick McConnell 30/Nov/2005
FAQ is wrong about "the microarray paper": No publication describes actual microarray data to be analyzed   Earl F. Glynn 06/Dec/2005
ArrayVision RLS was used to analze Gene Expression Data   Earl F. Glynn 16/Dec/2005
Proteomic Data: Howto get patient identifiers? Meaning of Spectrum names is not clear.   Peter Bewerunge 28/Dec/2005
New relevant paper: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - A clinically empirical approach to its definition and study   Earl F. Glynn 09/Jan/2006
Paper that seems to explain SNP Excel worksheets, COMT, CRHR1, ... TH, TPH2   Earl F. Glynn 18/Jan/2006
No notification when SNP download file was changed on 11/7/2005?   Earl F. Glynn 18/Jan/2006

If you download this file now:

you will note its time stamp is 11/7/2005. The original file had a time stamp of 4/15/2005 was silently replaced.

I just rediscovered several flaws in the original "Sheet1" worksheet and verified the problems with the current file when I noticed the file had been updated.

I believe there are still some problems in the current files, which I am investigating.

Shouldn't any file changes like this be noted in a message to this message board?

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