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CAMDA 04 registration will close Tuesday 11/09 @ 10:00am   CAMDA Organizer 04/Nov/2004
Scientific committee members - please remember to register   CAMDA Organizer 04/Nov/2004
Data files descriptors and file naming convention   Pierre Bushel 11/Jul/2005
Re: Data files descriptors and file naming convention   Patrick McConnell 22/Jul/2005
Microarray Data   Sai 01/Sep/2005
About Microarray   Cesar Payan 15/Sep/2005
GAL files from microarrays images   Oscar Serrano 20/Sep/2005
SNP Data Identification   Matthew Fenty 06/Oct/2005

In the SNP excel file with all subjects and their corresponding alleles. I was wondering what the HTR2A SNPs are in NCBI format. They are in the master list, but not in the individual pages. The SNP's are: HTR2A_3042197 and HTR2A_8695278

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Re: Microarray Data   Patrick McConnell 29/Nov/2005
FAQ answer is ambiguous about microarray data   Earl F. Glynn 29/Nov/2005

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