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CAMDA 2004 Conference Contest Datasets

This year the CAMDA 2004 challenge features a single dataset: the malaria transcriptome by the DeRisi lab (pdf paper).

Downloadable Data: (zip format and gzip/tar format) (ftp.camda.duke.edu/CAMDA04_DATASETS/)

Note: only 9 concurrent downloads are allowed at any one time.  Web browsers tend to create multiple connections when FTPing, so we strongly encourage that you download a single file at a time via a command-line ftp client during off-peak hours (between 6 PM and 8 AM, anytime on weekends).

CAMDA 2004 Data Set Policies:

Because CAMDA is a competition, we are unable to answer questions related to the content or format of the data files.  Part of the technical challenge of the competition is in decoding the raw data itself, in addition to processing the data.  To facilitate this process, we have set up a public discussion board for discussion of the datasets.  To be fair to all contestants, we will not reply to individuals.  However, contestants are encouraged to share ideas and questions on the public mailing list.  We hope that the mailing list will become a forum for discussing the technical aspects of the datasets and move the process of analyzing the data forward.  We will answer questions to the discussion board at our own discretion. 

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