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Application of Bayesian Decomposition to Gene Expression Analysis of Deletion Mutation Data
Ghislain Bidaut, Jeffrey Grant, Thomas Moloshok, Frank Manion, Michael Ochs
Biology-Driven Clustering of Microarray Data: Applications to the NCI60 Data Set
Kevin R. Coombes, Keith A. Baggerly, David N. Stivers, Jing Wang, David Gold, His-Guan Sung, Sang-Joon Lee
Supervised and hierarchical unsupervised neural networks for clustering both gene expression profiles and samples
Alvaro Mateos, Javier Herrero, Javier Tamames, Joaquín Dopazo
Detecting Broad-Band and Selective Correlation Patters among Gene Expression and Drug Activity Data
W. Dubitzky, D. Berrar, M. Granzow, R. Eils
Analysis of Gene Expression and Drug Activity Data by Knowledge-based Association Mining
D. Berrar, W. Dubitzky, M. Granzow, R. Eils
Modeling Pharmacogenomics of the NCI-60 Anticancer Data Set: Utilizing kernel PLS to correlate the Microarray Data to Therapeutic Responses
Nilanjan Dasgupta, Simon M. Lin, Lawrence Carin
Applying Classification Separability Analysis to Microarray Data
Charless Fowlkes, Qun Shan, Serge Belongie, Jitendra Malik
Evaluation of current methods of testing differential gene expression and beyond
Yi-Ju Li, Ling Zhang, Marcy Speer, Eden Martin
Analysis of Gene Expression Profiles and Drug Activity Patterns for the Molecular Pharmacology of Cancer (Data Set 2)
Jeong-Ho Chang, Kyu-Baek Hwang, Byoung-Tak Zhang
Extracting Knowledge From Genomic Experiments By Incorporating The Biomedical Literature
James P. Sluka
Using Functional Genomic Units to Corroborate User Experiments with the Rosetta Compendium
Simon M. Lin, Xuejun Liao, Patrick McConnell, Korkut Vata, Lawrence Carin, Pascal Goldschmidt
Fishing Expedition - a Supervised Approach to Extract Patterns from a Compendium of Expression Profiles
Zhen Zhang, Grier Page, Hong Zhang
An Analysis of the GeneSpring Platform and the Development of a New Dissimilarity Measure for the Clustering of Microarray Data
Elaine L. Angelino, Scott T. McMichael, Kathleen A. Donohue, William R. Greco
Support Vector Machine Classification of Data Quality in Microarray Experiments
Timothy S. Davison, Sunil Mehta, Ingrid J. Burgetz, Ozgur Huner
Multilevel Modeling to Estimate the Gene-Drug Activity Matrix
Victor Moreno

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