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CAMDA 2001 Conference Contest Datasets

The CAMDA 2001 Challenge consists of two publicly available data sets. Researchers worldwide are invited to take the CAMDA challenge. Contestants can choose either of the data sets. Details can be found in the Call for Papers.

Primary Data Set: Rosetta Compendium

The primary data set is from a study of 300 expression profiles of yeast mutants and chemical treatments. 

Hughes TR, Marton MJ, Jones AR, Roberts CJ, Stoughton R, Armour CD, Bennett HA, Coffey E, Dai H, He YD, Kidd MJ, King AM, Meyer MR, Slade D, Lum PY, Stepaniants SB, Shoemaker DD, Gachotte D, Chakraburtty K, Simon J, Bard M, Friend SH. 
Functional discovery via a compendium of expression profiles. Cell. 2000;102(1):109-26.

An abstract of the paper is available from the PubMed

The data set is accessible from the authorís website:

Or our archive:

Additional Data Set: NCI-60 Cancer Cell Lines with Drug Treatments

To accommodate the increasing interests of expression profiling for drug discovery, an additional data set is released in the CAMDA 2001 challenge. Contestants have no obligation to analyze both data sets. 

Scherf U, Ross DT, Waltham M, Smith LH, Lee JK, Tanabe L, Kohn KW, Reinhold WC, Myers TG, Andrews DT, Scudiero DA, Eisen MB, Sausville EA, Pommier Y, Botstein D, Brown PO,
Weinstein JN.
A gene expression database for the molecular pharmacology of cancer. Nature Genetics. 2000;24(3):236-44.

An abstract of the paper is available from the PubMed

Full text of the paper is available from the authorís website:

The data set is accessible from the authorís website:
Or our archive

We thank the authors of the two above papers for graciously approving these data sets for our use.

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