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A Ranking Method to Improve Detection of Disease Using Selectively Expressed Genes in Microarray Data.
Virginie Aris and Michael Recce
Application of Discretization and Association Algorithms in Analysis of High Throughput Gene Expression Profiles for Modelling Leukemia and Neurodegenerative Disease
Bijlani RR1, Cheng Y1, Brooks AI2,3, Pearce D2, Federoff HJ2,3,Ogihara M1
Mining Gene Expression Data using Rough Set Theory
S. Bulashevska, W. Dubitzky, R. Eils (corresponding author)
A Filtering Method of Gene Expression Data for Multi-type Disease Classification
Tzu-Ming Chu and B.S. Weir
Analysis of Gene Expression Data with GeneSpring and MetaMine
Andrew Conway
A Linear Systems Analysis of Expression Time Series
T. Gregory Dewey and Ashish Bhan
Tumor Tissue Classification Using Support Vector Machines and k-Nearest Neighbor Methods
Chris H.Q. Ding
Statistical Analysis of Microarray Data
Tom Downey
Datamining DNA microarray data: separating the wheat from the chaff
Draghici Sorin, Hoff Bruce, Shams Soheil
Symbolic and Subsymbolic Machine Learning Approaches for Molecular Classification of Cancer and Ranking of Genes
W. Dubitzky, M. Granzow, D. Berrar, S. Bulashevska, C. Conrad, D. Gerlich, R. Eils (corresponding author)
Iterative Linear Regression by Sector: Renormalization of cDNA Microarray Data and Cluster Analysis Weighted by Cross Homology
Finkelstein David B., Gollub Jeremy, Ewing Rob, Sterky Fredrik, Somerville Shauna, Cherry Michael J
Using Non-parametric Methods in the Context of Multiple Testing to Determine Differentially Expressed Genes
Gregory Grant, Elisabetta Manduchi, Christian Stoeckert
Robust Model-Based Clustering of Genes in Microarray Data: Are there Gene Clusters?
Johanna Hardin, David M. Rocke, Davis David, L. Woodruff
Modified multi-dimensional scaling (MDS) algorithm for mining gene expression patterns
Xijin Ge, Shin-ichi Yonamine, Yiming Mi, Shuichi Tsutsumi, Yuko Kobune, Hiroyuki Aburatani, and Shichi Iwata
Improved 2-Color "Exponential" Normalization for Microarray Analyses Employing Cyanine Dyes
Thomas Houts
Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Analysis of Gene Expression Data: Cancer Diagnosis
Kyu-Baek Hwang, Dong-Yeon Cho, Sang-Wook Park, Sung-Dong Kim, Byoung-Tak Zhang
Quantifying the Discrimination Power of Various Conditions in the Yeast Data Set
Jagota Arun, Masso Majid, Van Osdol William W
A Heuristic Search for Discovering Classifier Gene-Sets
Goutham Kurra, Wen Niu, Raj Bhatnagar
Application of a Bayesian Latent Class Model
Emmanuel N. Lazaridis
Computational Analysis of Leukemia Microarray Expression Data Using the GA/KNN Method and Other Existing Tools
Leping Li, Pierre Bushel, Lee Pedersen, Thomas Darden, Hisham Hamadeh, Lee Bennett, Cindy Afshari, Rick Paules, David Umbach and Clarice Weinberg
How Many Genes Are Needed for a Discriminant Microarray Data Analysis?
Wentian Li, Yaning Yang
Classical Statistical Approaches to Molecular Classification of Cancer From Gene expression Profiling.
J. Lu, S. Hardy, W. Tao, S. Muse, B. Weir and S. Spruill
Identifying statistically significant patterns of expression via Bayesian Infinite Mixture Models
Mario Medvedovic
Symbolic Discriminant Analysis for Mining Gene Expression Patterns
Jason H. Moore, Joel S. Parker, Lance W. Hahn
Classification of Acute Leukemia Based on Gene Expression from DNA Microarrays Using Partial Least Squares
Danh V. Nguyen and David M. Rocke
A Nearest Neighbor Clustering Algorithm for Gene Expression Data based on Iterative Sampling
Anca Ralescu and Waibhav Tembe
HCV: A Microarray Data Visualization Tool Integrating Biological Information and Expression Data
Robinson Jim, Fleming James, Riordan Dan, Blackman Ronald K
Tumor Identification by Gene Expression Profiles: A Comparison of Five Different Clustering Methods
A. Schuster, W. Dubitzky, F. J. Azuaje, M. Granzow, D. Berrar, R. Eils
Probabilistic Models for Clustering Cell Cycle-Regulated Genes in the Yeast
Hyung-Joo Shin, Jeong-Ho Chang, Jin-San Yang, Byoung-Tak Zhang, Sirk June Augh
Exploring Class Prediction for Leukemia Gene Expression Data
Alex Smith Jaya Satagopan Mithat Gonen Colin B. Begg
Resampling-based analysis of micro-array data
S. Stanley Young, Michael Emptage, Eric Yount, Peter Westfall
Applying Classification Separability Analysis to Microarray Data
Zhen Zhang, Grier Page, and Hong Zhang

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