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CAMDA 2000 Conference Call for Papers
The competition taking place at CAMDA’00 utilizes two publicly available data sets. Participants have a choice of which data set(s) they would like to work on. Multiple entries from the same group are acceptable, although due to time limitations, it is possible that only one can be presented.

CAMDA’00 will feature poster and oral presentations during the conference. After the conference, participants are asked to submit revised electronic version of the poster and the full paper for on-line publication. They will be accessible year-around at the post-conference CAMDA website. The paper version of the proceedings is scheduled to be published in early 2001.

Important Dates

  • October 2, 2000 Release of the data set by the CAMDA’00 committee
  • October 15, 2000 Notification of intent to present
  • November 12, 2000 Abstracts due. (participation for competition close)
  • November 16, 2000 Acceptance Notification. Abstracts will be posted at the CAMDA’00 web site
  • Dec 4, 2000 Draft paper (or extended abstract) due
  • Dec18-19, 2000 Conference, Competition, and Award
  • January 11, 2001 Revised slides or posters (electronic version) due. Slides will be posted at the CAMDA’00 web site
  • January 22, 2001 Final paper due

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